Ed Hollestelle "A1"

Ed and Anne Marie

Ed Jr.

Gliding has been in Ed's blood since 1959 when instruction rides were "earned" by working for days at an old glider field in Holland. Since that time and thousands of flying hours later he has learned a thing or two about gliders and airplanes in general. Ed personally enjoys the challenge and thrill of competition flying. Having flown many competitions nationally and internationally he has met many wonderful people from all over the world and thoroughly enjoys the friendships his wife Annemarie and he have developed with people from all walks of life and many different places on this planet. For many years their company "Solaire" has represented many fine soaring related products including being the Rolladen Schneider representative for Canada for the fabulous LS sailplanes. Ed is looking forward to representing Canada in the 2003 World Championships in Leszno Poland.

Solaire Canada