Team Canada has arrived! Both Ed and Dale have completed configuring their borrowed gliders with their own instruments and have had a few practice flights. The championship is well organized. The field is an extremely large grass area with three runways. We have learned the local procedures and are ready for the first contest day. Yesterday we had the first Team Captains Meeting attended by Carmen Waters. Issues discussed included clarification of rules, opening ceremony, radio procedures, clarification of penalty areas, towing procedures. Tonight there will be a party hosted by the team from Finland. Tomorrow we will participate in the opening ceremony. All members of the team have sampled the local sausages and beer. Our favorite place to eat so far is a Turkish restaurant in the old part of Leszno. The local people are very hospitable and we feel very welcome. Here are some pics. Stay tuned!

Practice Day

The Eta

Dale and Michal Walkowiak. Michal is crewing for Dale Kramer. He is a student and speaks English and German. His native language is Polish.

Ed and George Szukala. George is crewing for Ed Hollestelle. He is a member of the Canadian Air Force. His native language is Polish.